Really Renewable Fuel

Evans Coppice is a part of Collinpark Woods - an ancient woodland on the Pauntley estate. This part of the woods have been coppiced for probably centuries and provided a highly sustainable way to harvest wood. 

The lifeblood of a coppice is the regular cutting and regeneration of the woods - this in turn allows diverse wildlife to thrive and the cut down stumps, called 'stools', re-sprout and regrow - starting the process all over. During this time the young trees soak up a lot of CO2 and the lush new growth is good for fauna and flora. 

For this to work and be sustained we need to have a use for the wood and one of the easiest ways is to sell it as firewood - thus providing a truly sustainable CO2 neutral heating source. 

As we will only be producing a relatively small amount of wood we ideally need a regular customer base who appreciates the sustainable nature of the coppice and want to help by buying from us. 

Generally we will only sell to people we know, and can deliver to in an efficient way.  

By purchasing from us we encourage you to become a 'Friend of Evans Coppice', this gives you the best prices, allows you to have a look at what we are doing - provided there is no felling going on, or indeed to come a meet us and help out. There is 'Free wood' available to regular helpers. 

We provide several innovative and cost effective ways to buy wood, from uncut lengths of timber to a monthly scheme. 

Get in contact and see how we can help each other - and help regenerate this 'Site of Special Scientific Interest'.